Information about the MI-Brain 2020 update

Update to Qt 5.12, MITK 2018.04, vtk
Bug fix
– “Save all visible fibers” no longer saves invisible nodes
– Selection Object opacity is kept when moving the object
– DataManager icons hiding the text when the text is too long
– Various tiny fixes

New Features
– vtk8, so *OpenGL3*, which is noticeably faster for 2D visualization.
– Major speedup on peaks visualization
– Speedup on filtering and general visualization
– Fibers stats in RTT mode
– Keep trk properties when saving
– Add the Properties plugin (use at your own risk)
– Color fibers by loading scalars from a text file
– DataManager checkboxes are now colored for some types of data
– Shuffle colors of ROIs and/or masks
– Update Imeka branding

I downloaded a new version, installed it but the software won’t start. What can I do?

Linux: Delete ~/.local/share/Imeka and/or start the application with –BlueBerry.clean
Windows: Delete C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Imeka and/or start the application with /BlueBerry.clean
macOS: Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Imeka and/or start the application with –BlueBerry.clean