Imagine if you could go from lesion load
to lesion characterization and localization.

Image analysis could be linked to clinical outcome.

Lesion load can be misleading if analysed globally. Once you begin looking at specific fiber pathways, details and specific effects can be extracted.

To do so, lesion localization is used to assess which fiber bundles are affected.

White matter integrity is specifically analyzed inside MS lesions and outside, in normal appearing white matter, to enable better patients selection in clinical trials.

Imeka’s tools can also track through lesions, to provide a better understanding of the underlying phenomena.

Neuroinflammation is undeniably a subject of
great importance, and it will remain so in the foreseeable future

Imeka is currently the only company to use diffusion MRI tools to help understand inflammation in the white matter.

Start mapping white matter microstructure features right now.

Want to obtain more out of past MRI data?

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