Imeka is playing an influential role in the search and development of cures for brain diseases. We provide the only non-invasive technology that combines High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI and AI to image white matter integrity.

We are the only company that offers image processing of white matter microstructure, including free-water imaging which can help understand neuroinflammation, axonal loss and demyelination in the whole white matter and specific white matter fiber bundles.

The technology pioneered by Imeka enhances white matter imaging and has applications in important brain disease areas such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer and Parkinson.

Imeka works closely with pharmaceutical companies as our team builds on strong foundations with its collaborators.

Imeka has a first-hand understanding of the pharma ecosystem and its intricacies. We have completed projects with Pfizer, and are conducting ongoing projects with other pharmaceutical companies.

One of our main strengths is our capability to use legacy data, or to start off with a hypothesis established with you and built on public databases.

Another strong point: our technology.

It is unique in its capacity to allow for neuroinflammation, axonal loss and demyelination imaging in the white matter that is compatible with low acquisition cost data.

You develop drugs for brain diseases, we help you see how and where they act.

Imeka is the ideal collaborator to work with when it comes not only to neuroinflammation as a marker of brain disease, but to all types of brain disorders as well.