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WHY DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging)

Advanced white matter tractography, robust to crossing fibers – now available as part of ANDI

Where traditional brain imaging techniques may fail to show any brain damage, advanced DTI shows microstructural changes in the brain resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or other indications.

Why ANDI (Advanced Neuro Diagnostic Imaging)

Imeka has spent the past 12 years developing high performance diffusion MRI pipelines that have been used by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. All this expertise can now be found in ANDI which provides information to assist Radiologists and Neurologists in assessing brain damage in their patients.

ANDI is a regulated medical device in the USA

CSD tracking that’s robust to fiber crossings. Gives a more precise assessment of macro-connectivity

Fully automated reporting, performed in a secure cloud environment, with minimal intervention for MRI technologists

Automated segmentation of 33 fiber tracts which are then used as bundles of interest to help radiologists assess micro-structure metrics

Comparison to a normative reference for every metric in every bundle. It includes more than 650 control subjects and it’s growing every day

This whole analysis can be done with single shell, 5-8 minutes acquisition sequence that we will help with, 1.5T or 3T, any MRI manufacturer

DTI like you’ve never seen it before… the only report of its kind available for clinical use.

Our proprietary, fully automated and validated analytic algorithm performs all the steps required to go from raw data to a comprehensive report for Radiologists and Neurologists.


Are you a Neurologist? A Radiologist? Do you manage an outpatient imaging center?

There’s something in it for you:


DTI has been around for a long time, as a clinical assessment tool for white matter tissue analysis. ANDI brings this to a whole new level, providing robust bundles of interest and micro-structural metrics along them. Giving you the ability to compare your patient’s regional microstructural to a normative range, as well as progression of your patient over time as part of the patient’s journey through their treatments.

  • Comprehensive and elaborate report on every region of the brain’s white matter
  • Follow on studies for every patient for progression analysis
  • Real insights on microstructural metrics that matter, as part of a complete view of your patient’s brain health


Reading DTI cases has been long and tedious in the past. Manually extracting bundles and making your assessment just wasn’t worth your time and effort. Until now.

  • Easy, fast reporting that allows you to do a read in less than 10 minutes
  • Read from anywhere with our simple and powerful automated report
  • Less error prone and more reproducible processing
  • Automatically provides an Asymmetry report
  • Remote support from our scientific team of experts

Outpatient imaging center

Fill up your schedule with new and improved brain assessment tools. We can help you add this offer painlessly.

  • Easy integration of our technology with minimal input from your staff
  • Access to a trove of new clients from radiologists across the US, for brain indications
  • Cloud based solution that is non-intrusive that can be setup in a few hours with the help of our team
  • Remote support from our dedicated team

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