Imaging what matters

Imeka is currently the only company to combine diffusion imaging and AI to map white matter integrity and get insights on neuroinflammation, demyelination and axonal loss.

Therefore, with our non-invasive technology, we minimize risks for our pharma and biotech clients in the development of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

Multiple Sclerosis

Go beyond lesion load with lesion characterization and localization along specific pathways correlating with clinical outcomes.


Use Imeka to objectively measure the clinical impact of your given compound.

If white matter integrity is of interest and you do not see the disease you are working on here, please contact us to know more about how we can help.




From the leading edge of imaging science to you

In collaboration with Imeka’s passionate team, two world renowned professors in the fast-evolving fields of white matter imaging and artificial intelligence play a key role in ensuring Imeka stays on the leading edge of science.

Maxime Descoteaux leads the SCIL (Sherbrooke Connectivity Imaging Lab) one of the top diffusion MRI labs in the world. Pierre-Marc Jodoin, is a world-expert in image segmentation and runs VITAL (Videos & Images Theory and Analytics Laboratory) a laboratory that is 100% focused on deep learning – based techniques.

Imeka is a direct spinoff of both labs, bringing together world class white matter imaging and world class deep learning to offer the very best.

Where academia meets business, working with scientists.

Imeka is in a perfect position to leverage recent technologies from academia. These powerful tools translate to better quality, better specificity & reduced costs for the client.

Save time & improve efficiencyThe acquisition time necessary for us to get proper data to perform processing is short. A simple 5 minute diffusion MRI sequence in the protocol is all that is needed for our advanced processing tools.

Cost efficient, without cutting cornersReaching quality results is not a slow process for us; we can handle thousands of images at a time, our turnaround is quick, and we are known for our efficiency and high quality in the execution of our projects and interaction with clients.

A perfect match to surpass the demands of the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.



Legacy data

We are also able to work with data that was acquired in the past. With a limited amount of acquired directions (20 or more), we can perform free-water modelling and advanced tractography from legacy data.